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The company OSA Cosmetics offers favorable conditions for cooperation  in the territory of Israel for Wholesale Buyers.

We offer flexible payment terms, convenient cosmetics ordering and delivery, promotional material.


For Wholesalers Israel
Necessary conditions for work and advantages:

*   The minimum amount of wholesale purchases from 1000.0 USA;
*   Buy wholesale products with all the necessary documents for profitable partner prices;
*   Free delivery throughout ISRAEL of the transport company to the terminal in your city;
*   Realize the goods as it is convenient and profitable for you;
*   You receive all necessary information support;
*   Placement of contact information about the wholesale buyer on the official website of the company.

An excellent opportunity to start your business from scratch without major capital investments with minimal risks. You do not need to buy an expensive franchise or execute a plan, picking up goods for a large amount and keeping within tight deadlines. It is enough to conclude a cooperation agreement and start working for the result. 

Our principled approach to partnership - you grow with us, we grow with you!


In order to learn and discuss the full terms of cooperation or offer your option for a partnership, as well as to receive the Price List with wholesale prices, please write to us by e-mail a letter requesting cooperation at as@ashorcosmetics.com, or call To the number +972 526 467 383 or +972 539 876 081

We are always glad to new partners and we will be happy to answer all your questions, we are also ready for any discussions of joint work and find mutually beneficial options for all interested parties.

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