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OSA COSMETICS invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation 
and invites you to become an OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE of our brand SHOR COSMETICS.
To date, you have a unique opportunity to occupy one or more of the most promising regions in different countries of the world.



Advantages of working with us:

* You become the sole official representative (seller) of SHOR COSMETICS in your region.

* We forward to YOU ​​all customers from your region who will contact us;

* You buy goods directly from the MANUFACTURER;

* You sell goods in a way that is convenient and profitable for you, selling them yourself or through your partners;

* You receive all necessary information support;


Our guarantees

The Israeli brand SHOR Cosmetics is the author's brand of the Master of Organic Chemistry Andrew Shore, owner of OSA Cosmetics Laboratories.
Therefore, we can guarantee with full confidence and responsibility that only our company "OSA Cosmetics" is the rightful owner of the brand "SHOR Cosmetics".

By signing the Cooperation Agreement with us, you automatically become the legal Seller of SHOR Cosmetics brand products on your territory. Neither your regional partners nor regional competitors will be able to purchase from us or from third parties cosmetic products produced under the trademark "SHOR Cosmetics" and distribute them to the territory assigned to you.

Our priorities

The main priorities of the company when working with our OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES are the creation of reliable partnerships and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, led by selfless work to achieve results and the desire to act and create new sales channels.

We also believe that an important factor that determines trust in each other and the duration of relations is work on the principle of "VICTORY", if it is good for our partners, then it will only be useful for us, and vice versa.
Thus, caring for a partner is a key factor in the long-term construction of a reliable business system of OSA Cosmetics.


Our support

The company «OSA Cosmetics» is ready to provide its regional partners with various support in business development:

* Providing promotional materials to promote the company's products;
* Providing high-quality photos and descriptions of company products;
* Constant informing about changes in the assortment of the company;
* Placing contact information about the OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE on the company's website www.ashorcosmetics.com


Become an Official Representative

If you are interested in becoming the Official Representative of the brand "SHOR Cosmetics", send the APPLICATION FORM along with the number of your Business License and your legal address.

Your application will be reviewed by the sales team of OSA COSMETICS, and you will be contacted within 15 days.

Your patience is appreciated.

We are always glad for new partners and we will be happy to answer all your questions, we are also ready to discuss joint work and find mutually beneficial options for all interested parties.


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