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The gold stock of the Israeli laboratory OSA Cosmetics
has replenished this cosmetic masterpiece -

SHOR Cosmetics brand. 

The SHOR Cosmetics brand is the result of the work of its author Andrey Shor, the founder and head of the laboratory of OSA Cosmetics, a master in organic chemistry.

SHOR Cosmetics was inspired by the love for the infinitely grateful holy land of Israel and the power of the fossil mineral of plant origin of the Baltic amber.

The New products of the brand include innovative means for skin care for men and women, the essence of which is - flowlines in any angle, determined by the unique style of the chosen package.

All the products of the brand are designed in "pure graphics" style, in its original black-and-white incarnation. Snow-white and milky pearl are synergistically combined with the classic black.
The Strict graphic design of the packaging is combined with the directness of geometric lines and soft Japanese styleishness unmistakably shows the clearness of the manufacturer’s idea..

Simple and at the same time elegant, the appearance of the products conveys HONESTY, AUTHENTICITY and the  HIGH QUALITY of the SHOR Cosmetics brand.

We believe in the strength and effectiveness of our brand's cosmetics!

The Baltic AMBER, which lay for millions of years in the depths of the cold northern sea, is a natural "biostimulator".

More about the properties and the operation of the Baltic amber, we will tell you in the publications of our BLOG and on the pages of our Facebook (follow our publications ...)

The latest research in the field of transfer of energy properties of amber to water, allowed us to create a special filter-structurizer, which was built-in at the outlet of the the Spill Node Purified Water..

The filters for water treatment used for the production of cosmetics OSA Cosmetics installed a highly effective active multi-stage cartridge system, eliminating virtually all types of pathogenic pathogens.

Now our filters work with the Amber Liquid Structure Converter.

The transducer uses multi-gradient multipolar magnetic systems and bio-energetic Baltic amber with a filter element.
The amber pebbles located between the magnets structure the water, transferring to it the superfine fields and energies accumulated in it for millions of years. These ultrathin fields and energies are amplified by magnets located around the amber pebbles.
This biomagnetic system structures, "revitalizes" water, which, according to numerous clinical trials, has a healing effect.

The essence of water activation is the destruction of cluster structures to saturate water with monomolecules. The cluster of activated water contains 5-6 molecules (ordinary water of 13-16 molecules). Such water is considered more active by biophysical and biological indicators.

Water, activated by the Baltic amber, has high fluidity (has a small surface tension) and dissolving power. It has higher reactive properties, better penetrates through biological membranes in skin cells.


SHOR Cosmetics, manufactured on the so-called "living" succinic water, has the following properties:

*   Significantly increases the effectiveness of the action of active ingredients that make up cosmetic products, which allows you to shorten the time to achieve a positive effect,    reduce the dosage of drugs by 20-50%.
*   Gives silk smoothness to cosmetic textures.
*   Reliably consolidates the results.
*   Slows down the division of cells that have genetic damage.
*   Accelerates the regeneration of healthy skin cells.
*   Increases the energy resources of the skin.
*   Has a powerful toning effect.
More details about the properties of activated amber water we will tell you in the publications of our BLOG (follow our publications ...)

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