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SHOR Cosmetics is a dynamically developing Brand. 
We will regularly announce our new products so that you will be the first to know and be able to use them.


NEW October 2018

On October 24-27 SHOR Cosmetics product line was showcased at XVIl International perfumery and cosmetics exhibition InterCHARM 2018 in Moscow. 

NEW September 2018

On September 18-20 SHOR Cosmetics product line was revealed at InterCHARM 2018, XVIl International perfumery and cosmetics exhibition in Ukraine. 

NEW February 2018

The basis of the serum contains a synergetic mixture of the following oils: Camelia Sativa Seed Oil, Cramble Abissinica Seed Oil, and Olea Europea Unsaponifiables.

Camelina Sativa Seed Oil contains a significant amount of irreplaceable polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, which protect the epidermis against premature aging and renew skin cells.

Cramble Abissinica Seed Oil contains a numerous number of vitamins (especially tocopherol and retinol).

Olea Europea Unsaponifiables is a well-known independent active ingredient in cosmetic products. It contains a big amount of squalene (one of the main components of sebum, the provider of barrier properties in the skin).
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which neutralizes the effects of free radicals, tones the skin and makes it healthier.
Vitamins A and D decrease the amount of cornified particles, promote the skin's nutrition.
Olea Europea Unsaponifiables has softening, moisturizing and antiseptic abilities.

NEW July 2017




The phytosterols in the serum's composition make up the components of skin membranes.

Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract increases the solidity and elasticity of the skin, softens the surface microrelief, providing a slight lifting effect.

Dimethyl Isosorbate accelerates the possibility of transdermal penetration of active components.

Thanks to original technological decisions it was possible to introduce an effective soluble component hyaluronic acid as microcapsules to an oily anhydrous composition. In the form of microcapsules hyaluronic acid has a much more significant chance to penetrate the skin barrier.

The serum provides nutrition and humidifies the skin without clogging the pores, decreases inflammation and reddening, contributes to relaxation of the skin, contains softening ability, reduces exfoliation. The preparation possesses a light texture, is absorbed easily, leaving a pleasant feeling on the skin.

It is recommended to use the preparation in the evenings on a normal, dry and sensitive skin.      

The EYE BALSAM is directed towards prevention and elimination of reasons, which cause development of wrinkles, "bags" and dark circles in the eyes area.

The active components of the balsam are chosen according to their abilities to solve characteristic skin problems in the eyes area, among other criteria. 
They display:

-       Lipolytic activity, encouraging decomposition of triglycerides in fat tissues;

-       Stimulates formation of components of the extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans);

-       Decreases inflammatory reactions;

-       Increases the tonus and decreases the friability of blood vessels.



NEW July 2017


Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract contains flavonoids, glycosides, tannins, organic acids (apple, amber, sorrel) and microelements. Contributes to the normalization of exchange processes, hinders metabolic signs of stress.


Caffeine activates fat and water exchange, stimulates drainage of lymphs, protects cells against photoirradiation.


Methylsilanol Mannuronate – derivative of mannuronate acids, which is included in the composition of polysaccharides from sea weed. Acts on all processes of skin aging (increases elasticity of the connective tissue, aids keep water in the epidermis, humidifies the skin intensely, protects the skin against free radicals).


The balsam possesses wonderful stimulating and lifting abilities, prevents loss of moisture and development of small wrinkles, eliminates inflammatory processes. The skin becomes softer and more toned from the first use.    


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