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Our Values

STRONG VALUES – are the basis of the brand SHOR Cosmetics.

All the employees of our creative team adhere to the values of SHOR Cosmetics.

We will expand in more detail about each of the six values of our team.

Passion for our clients 

SHOR Cosmetics dedicates its performance during development of the products exclusively to one PASSION – YOUTH.

This PASSION for those possibilities, which our cosmetic products give our clients: self-confidence, a respectable expression of their individuality and well-being.

The ability to listen to the clients, understand their culture, treat others with an open mind, benefit from differences – these are indisputable priorities that help us during the creation of cosmetic masterpieces. 


This is one of our fundamental values. The brand author is a scholar biochemist, and INNOVATION is one of the elements without which our creative team cannot do. After all, preserving youth is an endless road to perfection, which demands new approaches in building sources of skin care constantly.

SHOR Cosmetics understands how much it matters. A never-ending desire to push the boundaries of our knowledge – is a strategy to open new possibilities to create products that truly give results. It also allows to be one step ahead.

Competence and Professionalism 

It is impossible to be the pioneer without having COMPETENCE and PROFESSIONALISM. Therefore, we always do our best to move forward, increasing our qualification, learning about new ingredients and advanced technological manufacture methods.

Striving for Perfection 

This value affects each aspect of the business, is shown in how we view life and strive for an ideal constantly. Every day we try to surpass ourselves, offering our clients the best.

Endless Energy and Ambition to Grow 

Ambition – is self-confidence "percent", the pursuit to reach ideals. An ambitious plan to win the hearts of our clients all around the world motivates our employees.

Our team of enthusiastic specialists that love their job, owns immeasurable energetic potential creating new products that lead to results.


Our responsibility – is an expression of definite care of the effectiveness and safety of our cosmetic products.

But our responsibility degree goes far beyond the scope of this demand, thus becoming an integral element of the business management and following our mission. 

Our Ethic Principles


Our ethic principles form our culture and strengthen our reputation. 


Honest work is necessary to align and maintain reliable, strong bonds.


The ability to receive criticism and listen to the opinions of our clients.


Questions of the ethics have to be solved on time, and not be suppressed, though it is often hard to do.


We always say the truth, try to be honest and open for dialogue with our clients. 

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